Welcome To Orchid Persian Restaurant

Fully licence



Open 7 days Lunches and dinners

Saturday nights Music, Belly dancer and open buffet 39$ for adult and 20$ for children till 10

Set menu include entrees+mains and dessert

Entrees include :

Kashk o bademjoon(smoked eggplants,onion,garlic,turmeric and saffron dip topped with yogurt whey and mint)

Igra(smoked eggplants,onion,red capsicum and a touch of chili)

Hummus( Traditional ground chickpea dip made of Tahini and fresh garlic,olive oil and lime juice sprinkled with spicy paprika)

Mast o khiar(Thickened yogurt with chopped cucumber)

Seasonal salad(lettuces, tomatoes,cucumber, carrot with special chefs sauce)

Shirazi salad( cucumber, tomatoes and onion chopped with lemon juice & olive oil dressing

Dolmeh(softened grape vine leaves stuffed with a mixture of tarragon,split peas,shallot,basil,parsley,rice$pomegranate)

Joojeh kebab on bone(succulent chicken pieces skewered kebab on the bone marinated in special saffron and lime sauce)


Four seperate 80cm skewers of koobideh(minced lamb) barg(prime lamb back strap) joogeh(boneless chicken) & fish and 3type rice (berry saffron rice, basmati rice with dill,coriander&parsley)grilled tomato served in big tray


Special tea and baklava

Nicholson St Carpark Casual Parking Ground Level Saturday & Sunday Parking is Free.
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